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What is a POWER SIX domain name?

A power six domain name describes or defines a product, service, or industry. Power six domain names make it easier for you to stand out and be remembered and referred to others.

What are the key elements that define the POWER SIX?


The domain name stands alone with the ability to perfectly describe a product or service.


The domain name is practical and just "makes sense".


The domain name is EASY to recall. Minutes, hours, days and weeks after they first see the domain name for the first time.


The domain is marketable online, offline and via word of mouth. Entire marketing campaigns can be built around the strength and clarity of the domain name.


The domain name is strong enough to add instant credibility to the company that is utilizing the vanity domain.


Because the domain is memorable, descriptive and intuitive it is therefore referable. Others can easily tell others about the domain name.

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Dominate your competition using

Frequently Asked Questions

Depends.  Each name has its own options.  Best suggestion is to fill out the form above and indicate which options you are interested in. 

12 months. You may cancel at any time without fee or penalty but all fees that have been paid prior to cancellation are non-refundable. 

We will review our pricing with you 90 days before your term expires and you are given first right of refusal to continue to use the name  as long as the domain owner continues in the leasing program.  Each domain owner may choose not to renew their rental agreement at the end of each annual term..

Almost always this is a yes however our staff will review your target site or social media profile to make sure it is appropriate companion to the vanity domain you wish to use.  This is to assure the continued protection the long term value of the domain to both you and the owner. 

Complete our inquiry form and once you are approved our sales team member will send you a private link for payment and a digitally signed contract.

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